The Peachjar Project; Helping our schools while saving the environment

The Peachjar Project strives to reduce paper usage and save money

While most schools have the ability to print important flyers that are then given to students, due to recent budget cuts, some schools are faced with finding new ways to inform parents of important information. The Peachjar Project, an organization dedicated to saving the environment, has created an efficient, long term and sustainable way to help schools in their precarious financial situations.  The Project is able to create new streams of revenue by saving money, time, and increasing their exposure and advertising; 20% of their cost going directly back to the school advertised, thus creating revenue for that school. Peachjar takes the flyers children bring home and puts them online, not only saving huge amounts of money, but also saving up to 2 to 3 tons of paper, per school, per year. Through this project, schools are able to raise money and reduce the number of hours of labor and cut down on wasted paper.
Del Sur Elementary, a local, progressive and green certified school, recently lost their Title One funding for next year’s school year. The Peachjar Project stepped in to give a helping hand and save the school money by reducing paper usage and putting information online. Peachjar’s main commitment is to help school enrichment programs, save money, time, and help parents stay organized through use of alerts that parents can register for and receive to their computer or smart phone at their convenience. The school hopes that The Peachjar Project will teach children how to save our limited natural resources.  Peachjar Project hopes that the example of Del Sur is just the beginning of making a substantial impact on San Diego schools.
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