Empowered Latinas, Leading the Way toward Success.

A MANA de San Diego Signature Event, the Latina Success Conference (Conferencia Mujeres de Éxito) continues MANA’s commitment to Latina development and empowerment.

This bi-annual and bilingual conference is an all-day event, designed to impart proven and practical strategies to Latinas, in support of their professional and personal goals. The Latina Success Conference embodies everything that MANA strives for to help Latinas thrive.

The Conference addresses important topics key to success including leadership development, career and business growth; personal and business finance management; health and wellness concepts, advocacy and community support.

Conference workshops, seminars, structured networking time and keynotes speakers feature successful Latina leaders, experts in their field, who become role models to conference attendants. These inspirational Latinas personify MANA de San Diego’s mission of Empowering Latinas through Education, Leadership development, Community Service and Advocacy.

The Latina Success Conference is a partnership with San Diego State University and is held at the Prebys Aztec Center located on the San Diego State University campus.

If you have any questions about the Latina Success Conference, please contact us.

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