San Diego Comic-Con at Home Free Virtual Event

Comic Con in your home.

San Diego Comic-Con is trying its best to make the experience a positive one, and for now, it seems like they are succeeding. In addition, theme parks are starting to slowly reopen, which pretty much guarantees that Comic-Con, along with the other canceled conventions will be back in action in time for next summer. Hopefully everything runs smooth in the next several months to ensure some kind of normalcy for 2021. Best of all, this summer's San Diego Comic-Con will be free for everybody to experience, which is another first for the long-running convention. The official Comic-Con website was the first to announce the new details about this year's virtual event.

For all of the people who can never get out to SDCC for the exclusives, those will be available to everybody now, which is a definite plus since they usually go for big bucks on the secondhand markets. San Diego Comic-Con will also feature the usual panels, although it's unclear who will be taking part and what will be able to be shared. Many fans are hoping that Kevin Feige will come out with a surprise Marvel Studios panel, which could happen, even though they were scheduled to skip this year after tearing the house down last summer.

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