Peacemaker Awards Honor Heroes

 The 2009 Peacemaker Awards featured a speech by Senator George McGovern, who along with Senator Robert Dole, were honored for their food and child nutrition efforts.
    The honorees of the night were the George McGovern-Robert Dole International Food for Education and Child Nutrition Program. The program crosses party lines to break a cycle of poverty and violence for children around the world.
    McGovern shared stories about his service in World War II and the impact that famished mothers and children in war-torn countries had on him. He described how he tackled the national school lunch program as his first step and has since then fed millions of children around the world with his partner, Dole.
    Another nominee included LaChanae McAfee, a Lincoln High School student, who is teaching a community that there is hope for the future amidst adversity.
    McAfee asked for a moment of silence for two young classmates who were killed last year in a violent shooting. She spoke of her passion to bring her community together in a positive light to overcome stereotypes and achieve greater goals.
    The awards were held in the San Diego Marriot Hotel and Marina and many attendees were present, including San Diego City Mayor Jerry Sanders.
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