Meet San Diego’s ‘Nice Guys’


An organization that has worked quietly to serve San Diego community since 1979.  The simplicity of their name rings true to their earnest beginnings and unfaltering intention that has sustained over the years.  To read the story of how they came to be, the Nice Guys click here:

Perhaps one of the most admirable traits of the Nice Guys organization, is their “zero overhead policy.” Meaning, they operate 100% out of volunteer hours, there is no paid staff.   To date the organization has donated more the seven million dollars to those in need.  They stress the importance of their mission to; “Offer a hand up, not a handout.”

So how did Operation Caregiver come to be from the Nice Guys? 

With a large number of Military personnel in the San Diego community and an increasing number of wounded Marines and Sailors returning from oversea battles, a Nice Guy member established a special fund called the Victory Fund.  The VF provides aid and support to wounded Marines, Sailors and their families by assisting them with expenditures that are beyond the military and government’s ability to handle.  A large focus of the Victory Fund, is with a program called the Wounded Warrior Backpack Program.  Operation Caregiver was established by another Nice Guy member who recognized the need to provide items of basic hygiene and comfort to our troops fighting at “the-tip-of-the-spear” overseas, when resupply is not possible.  After OC’s operation rapidly grew, it was brought into the fold of the Victory Fund of the Nice Guys.”

Through the Nice Guys©, the Victory Fund and Operation Caregiver©,  Nice Guys members continue to do their work for San Diego residents, largely under the radar.  Only recently have they invited attention to their efforts , as they recognize there may be more Nice Guys out there in San Diego, ready and willing to lend a hand to their noble efforts.  For more information,


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