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Ladies Day in Del Mar, Baby Bumps Welcome



    Head to Toe Women’s Expo: It’s a female metropolis.  Let’s face it, not all women adore pink, bows and fashion shows.  That’s exactly why this women’s expo will highlight various types of women: the Wall Street woman, the body and soul woman, the philanthropic woman and the female foodie, along with the woman who adores all things fashion—and pink! 

    Bring the tots along:  The expo at the Del Mar Fairgrounds is kid-friendly so have a mother-daughter outing or a gal’s day out.  Nov. 12-14 are the dates.  Note: that's this weekend.  It’s best to listen to your mother.  Especially when she says to be prompt.  A gift bag (spa certificate inside) will be given to the first 100 women each day.  General admission is $8, but check  the website for a coupon (another motherly piece of advice).  The next Head to Toe Expo is the weekend of April 15.  Now feel free to start singing your weekend theme song, "I'm Every Woman".