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Greeting 2011 Up the Mountain



    NEW YEAR, NEW POWDER: Truth: You can spend Dec. 31 running around, picking up party hats and confetti and reminding your friend to get all the fondue makings (the friend that always forgets everything). Or you could ski all day, and earn all of that eating and imbibing you will be doing that night. If you're up at Mammoth, we bet you'll be doing a lot of the latter, and if you aren't on the slopes, we bet you'll be resting near some fireplace, thinking happy resolution thoughts. Either way, win-win.

    SIX PARTIES: The high-up-there resorts and restaurants are throwing a full half-dozen parties on Friday, Dec. 31 (plus there's a tots-only to-do for parents who will be at the grown-up bashes). Canyon Lodge, Eagle Lodge, and Mountainside Grill are three of the stops. We'd probably leave our shiny ski suit in the hotel room and wear something fancy (although careful with the shoe wear in all that luscious snow).