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Tuba! Tuba! Tuba!

Tubas sound around Southern California.



    BRASSY BLISS: If you polled people on what truly says the holidays to them, you'd get a wide spectrum of answers. Which is as it should be. Some would say a classic film on the big screen fills that slot, while others would vote an ice rink springing up in what is normally a parking lot the rest of the year. But there is a very cheerful, very plucky group of holiday enthusiasts who absolutely and totally can't start the season without Tuba Christmas. To them, the big, deep, metal-curled instrument is synonymous with an old-fashioned carol. And a bunch of those instruments playing all at once? Pure pleasure. That's what's at the heart of Tuba Christmas -- tons of tubas playing Christmas standards -- and the fact that the event is so plentiful and so affordable makes it all the better.

    SOCAL SOUNDS: A few of this year's Tuba Christmases have already packed up the instruments, but there are several more to go. Ahead? San Pedro, Santa Barbara, Anaheim, and Riverside. We'd be curious if there is someone out there attempt to hit each show, or at least the majority of them. There's a blog in this somewhere. tonsoftubas.someblogname.com? Someone snap that up pronto.