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Travel Back Through Time at Friends of Bodie Day

All sorts of yippee-ki-yay activities will flourish at the Mono County destination.



    Travel Back Through Time at Friends of Bodie Day
    Bodie State Historic Park
    Spend Saturday, Aug. 11 at the wondrous and history-packed Mono County destination.

    LIVING LIFE IN SEPIA TONE? Not possible, not in our neon-bright, well-lit, blue-light'd modern world. Everything is now as out there as can be, visually, making those long-ago photographs, from the century before the last century, seem a sepia-fied place full of gentility and tea and bustles. Well, yes, it did contain those elements, but life in a 19th-century mining town, say, a town like Bodie, was famously rough and famously tumble. And, in fact, the people who called the Mono County landmark home during the height of its gold-seeking industry didn't even live in sepia; that was the tone seen in snapshots of the era, but they day-to-day'd it in full living color. You can experience a bit of what that might have been like, and help a foundation out that gives wonderful support to this gem of yesteryear, at...

    FRIENDS OF BODIE DAY: The annual day-long celebration clip-clops on Saturday, Aug. 11, and you can bet many people will be out in their 1870s-style finery (with a few nods to earlier and later fashions, of course). Living History Presentations are a main feature of the special event, as are tours, and there are other happenings and sights, too, like buggies to observe, a railroad handcar demonstration, and several  other sepia'd-out goings-on. If you're a member of the Bodie Foundation, you can a member dinner and "special tour," so consider signing on (which would be great to do anyway, if you're a through-and-through Bodie buff, as so many Golden-Staters are). Slip into your vest, your ribbon tie, or your boots, then peruse all the rootin' and tootin' to-dos. Living in a sepia world? That didn't even exist in the time of sepia, but you can travel back to ye olde Bodie at Friends of Bodie Day.