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The 6-MAN Volleyball Tournament: “Better than Christmas”



    I am proud to announce that the granddaddy of all beach volleyball tournaments is happening at the end of this month! From Saturday July 30 to Sunday July 31, Manhattan Beach will be hosting the best, most looked forward to volleyball tournament around, The Manhattan Beach 6-Man.

    6-Man has been referred to as “the best volleyball tournament on Earth,” “better than Christmas” and “beach volleyball’s grandest spectacle.” With the entire beach community thrilled to be celebrating beach volleyball for its 50th year, the main goal of 6-Man is to have as much fun possible.

    Since 1961, tens of thousands of people have come to the South side of the Manhattan Beach Pier to watch outrageously dressed teams of six compete on volleyball courts for victory. Manhattan Beach, CA--the home of beach volleyball--puts on The Charlie Saikley Volleyball Tournament also known as The 6-Man every summer.

    The late Saikley was a former Manhattan Beach city parks and recreation supervisor and is remembered as the “Godfather of all things MB volleyball.”

    The only thing more competitive than playing in The Manhattan Beach 6-Man is actually getting a spot to play. Not only must teams apply well in advance and in person at the Manhattan Beach City Hall, but they can be waiting in line for up to 20 hours.

    The team “jerseys” are one of the best things to look forward to at 6-Man. Rastas, beach bunnies, superheroes, disco kings, Matadores and more give an idea of how ludicrous the teams have been in the past.

    Last Tuesday, the Manhattan Beach City Council reiterated that alcohol and violent behavior would not be tolerated at 6-Man this year. People caught with alcohol can be fined up to $600.

    Even though some locals are upset about the stricter rules, the decision to heighten security last year did not spoil 6-Man at all; you could still see volleyball and partying for stretches of beach. The only purposes of the tighter booze regulations are to regulate on the belligerents and to keep 6-Man attendees safe.

    Remember to save this weekend on your calendars! You will not be disappointed. Become a fan of The Manhattan Beach 6-Man on Facebook at and receive further updates and details.