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Snowy Doings Among the Silent Giants

Need to hear absolutely nothing for a bit? Go Sequoia.



    Snowy Doings Among the Silent Giants
    Wuksachi Lodge
    Sequoia National Park, and the Wuksachi Lodge, do not shutter when snow arrives. Find your peaceful, big-tree moment up the mountain.

    THE WINTER TO-DOS... that go on among and around the Largest Living Things on the Planet. (The sequoias have totally trademarked that, right? If not they should, because we'd be rocking that billing on all of our business cards and stationery.) Snowshoe outing, cross-country skiing, and snowplay are listed as three lively choices if you need some exertion. But if you want things quieter -- much quieter -- and you count yourself among "(f)it and experienced backcountry travelers" then consider booking the Pear Lake Winter Hut, which is very -- very, very -- off the beaten path, which, truth be told, isn't all the beaten regardless of where you head around the sequoias in the colder months. So, where's your quiet meter at? Are dishes clinking sending you to distraction, not to mention car horns, people chatting on their phone, and the usual hubbub of the day-to-day? There are some big trees and snowy pockets that will see you, and your quiet-seeking brain, now.