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Ready, Set, Retreat



    One-Stop Healing: For the days, or weeks rather, that have your inner “chi” off-balance and in desperate need of some TLC, head to Santa Barbara’s newest spot for all things healing. Insert: the Alchemy Arts Center (located on Chapala Street). Whether it’s a 60-minute massage, holistic therapy, yoga, dance, meditation, or just darn good food that is your relaxation vice, this place has it all.

    And we mean ALL: Seriously.  The AAC mixes holistic therapies like the ancient art of Chinese Medicine with modern healing techniques like energy medicine to create a perfect concoction of pure bliss. Next, step into the studio where you might find a Qi Gong class going on or a private yoga lesson -- your private yoga lesson. Then fill your newly revived belly with organic, Eastern Asian-inspired foods at the café.

    Must try:Floating in the isopod, detoxifying in the infrared sauna and the "Trinfinity8" treatment. Love it SO much? Become a member and receive special offers and discounts. We can hear it now: a mouthful of "Ommmm"s and "Aghhh"s.