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Pier 39 Turns 39

Stop by the San Francisco destination any Friday from January through October.



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    Pier 39 is celebrating a notable birthday in 2017 with a series of Friday-fun to-dos. Also a Pier 39 favorite? Those amazing sea lions. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    IF YOU ARE A FAMOUS CALIFORNIA DESTINATION, and you happen to have a number in your name, you can bet that when you reach that number, age-wise, some special things will go down. One might check with with Twentynine Palms to see how the desert town marked its 29th birthday, and whether 17 Mile Drive honored its 17th decades ago would also take some looking back through the deep archives. But we don't need to guess what Pier 39 in San Francisco is up to on its 39th; that's happening in 2017, over a series of upcoming Fridays (in fact, 39 in total). That's right...

    PIER 39 IS 39, and a host of special doings, like discounts and such, will make the end of each week from January to October that much more Fridayier. (Sure you know that "Fridayier" is when something is the most ultimate Friday thing it can possibly be.) Be sure to visit the shop- and eatery-lined attraction, a former cargo pier, for "discounts and giveaways" as well as special to-dos like film nights and a "70s Roller Disco Party." That's right, Pier 39 did...

    BEGIN IN THE 1970s, on Oct. 4, 1978, to be specific, making the disco theme most apt. Honestly, though, will the famous sea lions rock a sparkly outfit and join the disco fun? Not likely, and, plus, the barky, beautiful symbols of the pier did not arrive in the late '70s but at the very end of the 1980s (so dressing disco wouldn't make much sense for them). If you dig bustling piers, amazing pinnipeds, and parties that stretch out over several Fridays, stop by and wish Pier 39 a very happy 39th.