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LA's Most Famous Rock

Levitated Mass is set to open at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.



    ROCK ON THE ROLL: No one would dispute the idea that Los Angeles has been the noted center for rock for many a decade. And rock stars have regularly made the trek into the city from the east to gain fame and acclaim. Does this all sound familar? Then the story playing out at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art will ring a bell, but with a twist: The rock star this time around is actually a rock. It's a 340-ton boulder that is at the center of what has to be one of the city's most buzzed-about artworks in years, "Levitated Mass." The boulder, which was dug out of an Inland Empire quarry and ferried to Los Angeles on a specially built transport over 11 nights, will hang over a cement slot you can walk through at the Mid-City museum. And, nearly four months after its LA arrival, the rock is ready for its debut: "Levitated Mass" opens at LACMA on Sunday, June 24.

    EPIC DETAILS: The size of the "granite megalith" -- 340 tons, as mentioned -- is getting much of the buzz, but let's look at the impressive cement walkway that runs beneath the boulder: That's 456 feet long. In fact, the ideas behind "Levitated Mass" are out-sized in every way, starting with the fact that artist Michael Heizer first came up with the concept some 44 years ago (his search for the perfect rock took decades). If you're keen to see the artwork that has had much of Southern California talking, head for the museum's north lawn, just outside the Resnick Pavilion. Oh, and while you're at LACMA be sure to check out Chris Burden's "Metropolis II" and the new James Bond credits exhibit. In fact, here's everything that is on at the museum now.