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Idyllwild Sweet: Paws for Rhythm and Blues

Head up, up, up the mountain for cooler temps and an animal-sweet fundraiser.



    Idyllwild Sweet: Paws for Rhythm and Blues
    Head up, up, up the mountain for cooler temps and a animal-sweet fundraiser on Saturday, June 3.

    HEADING UP THE MOUNTAIN... as temperatures do that creeping up (or zooming up) thing, just ahead of summer, is a time-honored rite many Southern Californians eagerly await. The thought of being among the firs, and savoring a picnic, and tossing a ball, over and over, to your best four-footed pal tempts, especially when afternoons have gotten mighty tempting at lower elevations. One of the up-the-mountain go-to spots for many people living around the region happens to boast a name that is as nice as a day spent there: Idyllwild. The Mt. San Jacinto-lovely, Palm Springs-close getaway is known for its laid-back cool and take-it-easy approach, as well as its cooler temps, great August jazz weekend, and a multitude of mountaintop pleasures. One of those classic pleasures comes in the form of quality craft beers and solid supping, and both of those pursuits will be paired with a pet-themed fundraiser called...

    PAWS FOR RHYTHM AND BLUES: The Saturday, June 3 event lands at the Idyllwild Nature Center, complete with the aforementioned brews, the flavorful vittles, and something sweet at heart: "All proceeds benefit the homeless dogs and cats of Idyllwild and surrounding mountain communities." Have a "well-mannered" pet that would also like to attend? They're so invited. Like live blues music, home-brewing demos, and more mountain-merry good-timing of a grown-up variety? That'll be there. Can't wait to get up to the pines before summer sets in? The first Saturday in June sounds like a fine and fundraising moment to do so.