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Happy 100th, Yuma!

Creedence Clearwater Revisited will rock the river town's centennial.



    THERE'S NO DOUBT ABOUT IT: Yuma has been around for awhile, or the place that is now known as Yuma. But the city became citified, with a brand-new spankin' charter and all, back in 1914, which means that the Colorado River port -- we can call the famous desert city a port, right? -- is celebrating its centennial this year.

    And, nope, the former rough-and-tumble Old-West-y town is not going to simply hand out fliers at city hall, reminding people of the auspicious occasion. Yuma is doing it up right, with a week-long affair, kicking off on Monday, April 7 with, what else...

    ICE CREAM: Make that free ice cream. Is there a better way to commemorate one of the sunniest, and, you betcha, high-temperature-iest cities in all of the union than a frosty treat? Nope, it's gotta be a scoop of something cold. A new sign proclaiming Yuma as "Gateway of the Great Southwest" shall be unveiled, too. Mmm, ice cream and big signs reveals: You don't typically get either on a Monday.

    THE REST OF THE CENTENNIAL WEEK... will have plenty of historic and celebratory happenings. Tuesday'll be a Western wear day, Thursday has fireworks, and Saturday, April 12? That's the Centennial Music Fest. Creedence Clearwater Revisited shall jam it out, as well as other bands. And to complement the tuneage? The Yuma Taco Festival. Ohhhh yeah. Tacos, songs, the big sky, West-wild history, sun, sun, sun, and a chance to admire the mighty Colorado River? That sounds like a happy 100th to us. Make it a good one, Yuma.