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Glampers, Book Your Mendocino Grove Getaway

Campire valet service will make its debut for the 2019 season, which opens in early May.



    Glampers, Book Your Mendocino Grove Getaway
    Mendocino Grove
    The luxe-meets-rustic property, which sits a pinch outside of Mendocino, is introducing a number of fresh services and perks for 2019. The season opens on May 3.

    TUCKING AWAY... in a tidy and stylish tent, right near the coast? It's a rite of summer in some places around California, and of spring and fall, too. We didn't mention "winter" in that line-up, for finding a straight-up glamping situation in the chillier stretch of the year, at least in locations outside of the Golden State's desert areas, is pretty difficult. Not difficult, however? Jumping into a reservation when the chance to book a tent at a great glamping destination presents itself. And such a chance recently did, when Mendocino Grove, which is just a skosh outside of the heart of Mendocino proper, opened reservations for the 2019 season. That's a season that begins on...

    MAY 3, and will wrap on the final day of October. During those six months? You can tent-it-up, with your special someone, your BFF, or even your pup. But straight-up traditional glamping isn't the only route that is open this time around. Mendocino Grove has a number of new offerings on deck for 2019, including Campfire Valet, a helpful person who will come get your campfire all set up, for a "small fee," so you won't need to fuss. Also new for 2019? The Forest Romance Tent, which may be found "in lush forest above Fern Canyon" (so, yep, it is a bit more secluded). Campfire Valet is included, as are other touches, like flowers and slippers.

    THE FRESH PERKS... continue, with new picnic baskets (local Mendo fave Harvest Market is the partner), pay-nothing nature hikes with an on-site naturalist at the lead, and a $25 campfire-close dinner on Friday nights from Trillium Café (you'll sip a vino or brew made in the area). There's even more debuting delights beyond even these, so check in with Mendocino Grove, the secure your spot soon. The month of May will be here soon, and soon summer, and tent-fun weekends, will be in full and robust flower.