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Daffodil Hill's Happy 2019 Hello

The obsessed-over Volcano attraction is looking to a possible mid-March opening, hooray.



    Daffodil Hill's Happy 2019 Hello
    Have your hopes pinned on a visit to Volcano this spring? Fingers crossed that the bloom goes forward at Daffodil Hill.

    THERE ARE CALIFORNIA WILDFLOWER FANS, and, good golly, are they ever dedicated, and devoted, and constantly current on what exactly is blooming where. They'll talk to you about lupines, and poppies, and sunflowers, too, and we're not even sure why we're saying "they" because, in actuality, we are all part of the wildflowerverse, a universe that encompasses all nature lovers around the state of California and beyond. (So, fingers crossed, that is a very, very huge chunk of all Golden Staters.) But don't uncross those fingers just yet, for there is a place that is of great interest to wildflower fans, though it is something unique, and cultivated, and truly spectacular in its own singular way. It's the dazzling and ever-delightful....

    DAFFODIL HILL, in Volcano, the springtime spot to see thousands of glorious daffies in their sunshine-iest splendor. Alas, however: The weather didn't cooperate with the daffodil-laden location in 2018, and the attraction stayed shuttered, much to the disappointment of daffodil lovers in all corners of California. Now, are those fingers still crossed? Good, for Daffodil Hill posted on social media on Jan. 24, with bright eyes to a possible 2019 opening date: Keep a watch on "mid-March" for all of your happiest daffodil daydreams to come true. And the scene should be mighty dreamy, if everything comes together, for the hard-working magic-makers behind Daffodil Hill planted...

    "6,000 NEW BULBS"... in the "off-season," which translates into a veritable blanket of butter-hued beauty in the spring. If, yes, it all works out, weather-wise, which is why we are still crossing various fingers. Is this the year your golden Gold Country idyll happens? That Daffodil Hill blooms again? Stay positive for that "good weather," and start dreaming of your road trip to one of the Sierra's most splendid stretches of fabulous flowerdom. They aren't wildflowers, true, but spying a splash of daffodils can thrill any flower-fancying heart.