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Camp for Grown Ups



    Camp Schramsberg: Sparkling wine and vineyard dining in wine country doesn’t quite sound like your typical camping trip.  Although it's catered to grown ups, we assure you, it’s a camp none-the-less.  We know, it’s not your run-of-the-mill tents and bonfire kind of living.  It may be a bit more sophisticated than that.  Lodging is considered a beautiful Napa Valley hotel and instead of marshmallows on a stick; you’ll dine on eats prepared by the Culinary Institute of America.  So where does camp come in to play?

    We thought you’d never ask: "Camp", we think, is a better-suited title than the original "Sparkling Wine Symposium," which makes the event sound somewhat snooty. Although the closest you’ll come to “roughing it” at Camp Schramsberg will be pruning vines and picking grapes, it's really a "down to the vine" weekend.  Aside from sampling over 100 base wines, you'll also learn the art of sparkling wine-making and how to appreciate it (not like you'll need much help with that).   

    America's most prestigious bubbly: You can stop by "America's House of Sparkling Wine" anytime of year, however, if you'd like to sign up for "camp," you can take part in one of two sessions a year hosted by Hugh Davies, Schramsberg President and chief winemaker.  Harvest Camp has, unfortunately, already passed, but Spring Blending is right around the corner in March. Note: the weekend can be somewhat steep, in terms of pricing, but there is currently a coupon code: "*None*" that can save you a few bucks.  Also, regular wine tasting tours are a tad more affordable.