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Cali4nia Pass Free (After Four Lessons)

Brush up on your slope-swift moves and score a way to ski more.



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    Big Bear Mountain
    Brush up on your slope-swift moves and score a way to ski more through the rest of the 16/17 season.

    FINDING THE CORRECT STANCE, or burnishing how you grip your poles, or discovering the ideal way to point your knees, are all essential bits of knowledge when it comes to mastering skiing (or, at least, beginning to master the sport). But usually, after a few lessons, you are left to your own devices when it comes to getting more time on the slopes in (necessary time, let us add, the kind of time that helps a new-to-skiing skier work on her skills). But make for a lesson, or rather four lessons, or rather four lesson "points," at Mammoth Mountain, Bear Mountain, Snow Summit, and June Mountain, and you'll eventually nab a Cali4nia Pass for the remainder of the 16/17 season.

    AND OH WHAT A SEASON... it has been, thus far, what with the copious amounts of white, cold, flaky stuff that has fallen. So if you schuss in the direction of this deal, and you sign up for, and pay for, a quartet of helpful classes (and any of the four aforementioned places), you will get your own, oh-so-helpful Cali4nia Pass. And that pass, if you don't know, though surely you do, will give you "unlimited access to any of the four resorts in the Mammoth family."

    CHECK OUT THE POINT VALUES... of various lessons, and where they are happening, and their various levels, to get on track with what you want to do. And after those four are done, well, onto more fantastic late-winter, and, fingers crossed, springtime ski action.