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Bulldog Beauty Contest

The lickers'll be out in Long Beach.



    THERE ARE DOG PEOPLE: And then there are Bulldog people. We're in the former group, and we're frankly obsessed about our Fido, but Bulldogians? They inspire us. They do love their breed, and we love them for that love. And Justin Rudd is just about at the top of the class. He loves bulldogs so much that a Long Beach beach is named after his dearly departed Rosie (you've seen her on national talk shows and magazine covers, we're sure). He also organizes the annual Bulldog Beauty Contest each Valentine's week, which  just happens to be one of the biggest Bulldog extravaganzas in the nation. And it is just ahead, Bulldogians, on Saturday, Feb. 11.

    LOOK FOR... Bulldogs, yes, but Frenchies and Pugs and Chihuahuas and senior pups and more. Mr. Rudd isn't very restrictive with his canine spectaculars, and we applaud him for it. You'll see over 500 dogs if you attend, and you should note it is free to spectate. The two other fun things about this Belmont Shore to-do? There's an actual red carpet the dogs strut. Nice. And Mr. Rudd is a beauty pageant pro, so this dogly event does have some sophisticated style and flair. If you can't make Long Beach just turn on the television; if there aren't a half dozen television crews out covering this event, we'll bay in dismay.