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Botanic Garden Fairy Festival

Winged revelers are making for the lush grounds in Encinitas.



    WINGS TIME: There's a reason that outdoor fairy get-togethers have sprung up in California parks and playgrounds over the last few years: Kids love to get gussied up in tutus and play pretend while dressed as fairies and magical woodland sprites. We didn't even say "girls" there, because boys have certainly been showing at the foresty fun times, too. The upshot is if you're a kid, and you own a pair of gossamer wings, and a tutu, and you like all of your fairy stories, best flit over to Encinitas, and the San Diego Botanic Garden, with your fairy best parent in tow, for the Fairy Festival on Saturday, June 23.

    CRAFTS AND MORE: Wee fairies will gather in the attraction's Hamilton Children's Garden. Singing, crafts, and "shopping at the Fairyland Market" are part of the day. We totally want to shop at the Fairyland Market. What do we buy there? Twigs and rocks and leaves and flowers? Rocking. Oh, all of the activities of the Fairy Festival are part of the Botanic Garden admission, though there is a "(s)mall fee for crafts."

    DRESSING UP: We'd say that while youngsters in jeans and tees will be most welcome, everyone'll be flittier and fairy-er if they've got something a bit sparkly on. Doesn't have to be fancy, just a set of wings here or a little headband there. There's no doubt that some fairies will be going all out on their snazzy, sparkly get-ups. The hours are 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on the 23rd.