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A Real Christmas Fantasy



    Christmas Fantasy in the Woods: We’ve all had them.  You wake up in a daze with sugarplums and candy cane lanes on your mind thinking, “How could that not be real?”  We’re talking about your holiday fantasies.  Well, the antique, hand carved Tilden Park Merry Go Round in Berkeley, Californiais real and it’s currently hosting the 12th annual “Christmas Fantasy” Program.  From now until December 23rd, you can:  Bask in the holiday glory of outdoor holiday light displays, sparkling themed Christmas trees, scarf down yummy holiday treats, let your face and hands defrost with warm beverages, let your ears melt by the sweet sounds of carolers, and—breath!—enjoy a visit from Santa and his real live reindeer–Gasp! 

    Yes, there’s more: Add to your ornament collection with one of the largest displays of Christmas ornaments for sale in the Bay Area. I bet you’ll be able to find some one-of-a-kind tree-décor.  The price for all the holiday cheeriness?  Two to ten bucks.  If you’d like to stop by, it’s at the Tilden Park Merry Go Round at Central Park Dr. and Lake Anza Rd.  It’s open every night from 5:30 -8:30 p.m. and Santa comes each night except Wednesdays (that’s when he’s delivering gifts, we think) at 5 to 8 p.m.  Want to see the reindeer? They stop by on Monday nights, same time as Mr. Claus.