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Would You Wear Jeggings?



    SHE'S GOT JEGS?: The whole hybrid concept is definitely in vogue right now, whether you're talking fuel-saving cars or multi-functional tops. But fashionistas everywhere are in a quandry about whether or not to like jeggings.

    As you can tell by their clever moniker, Jeggings are a hybrid of leggings and jeans, the purpose being that you get the stylish silhouette of skinny jeans with the comfort of leggings. Some of them have faux pockets and buttons to complete the illusion, others keep it simple with completely clean lines. Either way, it's hard to tell if they are a good idea.

    If you'd like to give them a shot, check out the Kate Indigo Jeggings also seen on Lauren Conrad. The ankle-length looks chic with heels or flats, and the side button adds a sweet touch.

    GET IT: For $42.49 online. Asos.

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