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Positive Purses

Stash your good energy in a one-of-a-kind clutch.



    Positive Purses
    Chi Stash Collection

    HIP LASH: While fanny packs will be hard pressed to ever make a successful comeback, chic belted bags are somewhat of a different story. Though the concept is the same, the look is much more flattering and, after a year of strapless clutches, a welcome respite from endless armpit squeezes. The Stash collection from San Diego's Chi Stylezs features a line of edgy leather clutches made from recycled scraps of leather and original artwork in a variety of colors. They all come with detachable wrist straps, shoulder straps and waist belts to allow for multiple wearing options. Plus, the surplus materials and edgy craftsmanship make them eco-friendly and without equal. GET IT: For around $200 each. Chi Stylezs, (866) 228-1449. Or FeeLit, 909 E Street, Downtown, (619) 865-7048.