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    SPORT A SPEAKER: What makes movie kisses so much more sensual, television fight scenes more dramatic and radio show hosts so much funnier? In a nutshell: good looks, awesome movies and great soundtracks!

    While you'll be hard-pressed to find a t-shirt that's going to make you look like a movie star or kick like Jet Li, ThinkGeek has developed a slick cotton tee with an embedded speaker that can add drama, comedy and emotion to your everyday.

    The shirt comes equipped with its own selection of sound effects and musical themes, such as the 'Royal Entrance,' 'Metal Air Guitar,' 'Sexy Time Theme,' and 'Drum Roll' to name a few (20 in all) that can be activated just by click the shirt's pocketable remote. Of course, more creative types can also plug the shirt into their ipod and rock a custom soundtrack all day long.

    GET IT: For $29.99 online. ThinkGeek.

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