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Not Just a Necklace



    CHAIN CHAIN CHAIN: The overly-ornate necklace has thus far survived a couple of seasons, and it's only getting better. From chunky mixed media to fabulous fringe, they are quickly becoming emblems of style and personal taste.

    If you're looking for a seriously awesome statement piece, you won't regret browsing the chain-linked wonders created by our very own Micha Design. She's left no form of media unturned in her collection of fabulous necklaces and bracelets, which artfully display leather blocks, neon beads, clusters of pearls, fabric, agate and more.

    Their modern compositions make them perfect for dressing up daytime looks or adding some hot sauce to a plunging V. Guys can get in on the action, too, with quirky bracelets and neck chains.

    GET IT: For around $40-$200 per piece online or in select stores around San Diego. Micha Design, (760) 672-3663.