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    ENGAGED: As you take to the slopes this year, wouldn't it be cool to be able to brag about how fast you were slicing around those trees, how far you traveled from point to point or how high you climbed before you gracefully carved your way down? If your ego is bubbling with excitement right about now, get ready for a treat.

    Zeal Optics has unveiled the first ever pair of GPS-integrated snow goggles with head-mounted display. Not only does this mean that you can track stats like time, distance, temperature, altitude and speed, but it displays the stats right inside the goggles so you barely have to avert your eyes from the path ahead.

    Other cool features include anti-fogging technology, polarized lenses and a built-in stopwatch. While they aren't shipping until October, you can pre-order yours now and be the coolest of them all next season.

    GET IT: For $350-$450 per pair online. Zeal Optics.

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