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Check Engine

Don't let that little light ruin your day.



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    DIY DOCTOR: Though on the surface it's just a little yellow sign, when the check engine light comes on in your car it can inspire a lot of anxiety. These little indicators can sometimes signal serious problems with your car, while other times they are just the result of an overdue oil change. So how can you tell whether or not you'll need to schedule a visit with your mechanic?

    Stand back and let the CarMD do all the thinking for you. This portable, handheld diagnostic device simply plugs into your car's internal computer and runs a diagnostic check on its entire system. Then you just plug it into your computer using a standard USB cable, go to the website, and let it tell you whether or not you need to worry.

    GET IT: For $98.99 online. CarMD, (888) 692-2763.