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Welcome to SoundDiego



    Hello, and welcome to SoundDiego.

    My name is Chris Cantore, and I am your host of SoundDiego, an online community dedicated to San Diego’s vibrant music scene.  Before I tell you more about the platform -- and the incredible people involved -- a little about my background :

    I came to San Diego in 1988, by way of Los Angeles, to attend San Diego State University.  Majoring in liberal arts or something, I became heavily involved with the Associated Students/Cultural Arts board, which included a brief stint on KCR radio and a gig as a “runner” for on-campus shows.  As a runner, or “go-for,” responsibilities included taking the Beastie Boys to North Park for camera equipment, feeding the Violent Femmes and cleaning the Smashing Pumpkins underwear. After college (and passing on law school), I began my career in terrestrial radio, answering phones for a local morning show for $5 an hour. My father, an attorney, was so proud (insert sarcasm).  Eventually, my path led to 91X, where I hosted the morning show for 11 years, until December 2007.

    Since the separation, I’ve committed myself to the exciting world of interactive/new media. What I love most about the medium is the ability to collaborate with like-minded individuals, build/mobilize communities and distribute compelling content without filter and/or interruption. 

    Enter, SoundDiego.  

    SoundDiego is an interactive online community, rooted in San Diego's thriving music scene. Our goal is to provide a behind-the-scenes/insider’s perspective through the eyes and ears of bloggers, artists, venues, record stores and prominent voices from around the county. In addition to daily blogs, we will be posting a fury of multimedia content that will include exclusive music, videos, podcasts and photography.

    Joining the SoundDiego team is my dear friend, Rosemary Bystrak, of the amazing hyperlocal SDDialedIn.com. She will be posting daily listings of shows around the city and highlighting her top picks. When Rosey isn’t blogging or sleeping, look for her in the Casbah (I’m convinced she has a bunk in the back). Also on the roster, T. Loper and Chris Maroulakos, emerging San Diego-based music writers from OwlandBear.com, who will be previewing and reviewing live performances and releases. Additionally, SoundDiego has synced up with the Casbah, Anthology, M-Theory Music, Belly Up Tavern and Lou's Records, to contribute premier multimedia content from inside their establishments.

    Needless to say, we are very excited about SoundDiego and look forward to serving San Diego’s aural landscape.  We encourage you to follow us on Twitter/@SoundDiegoBlog and join our Facebook community, and if you have a tip or story idea, we are listening.

    Thank you, your friend, Chris.