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Turbo Fruits Are Cooking With "Butter"

Nashville rockers Turbo Fruits crash Soda Bar on Sunday



    Turbo Fruits are known for playing hard and partying harder. But all of that rock & roll lifestyle living hasn’t slowed them down. Neither has being in a constant state of flux. The Tennessee-based garage-rock quartet has survived a slew of personnel changes and finally settled into a permanent lineup. Not so coincidentally, the band just released their most cohesive album to date, September’s Butter.

    Started in 2007 by guitarist/singer Jonas Stein as a Be Your Own Pet side-project, Turbo Fruits are now a headlining act of their own, and they’ll be at Soda Bar on Sunday night to prove just that. 

    “Having a fixed lineup has been great,” Stein said from Nashville. “It’s nice to have everyone on the same page, excited and gung-ho, but changing lineups is kind of just how it goes. But it’s good right now. Everyone’s excited about the future, and no one is looking over their shoulder. Really, it’s priceless.”

    Being on Kings of Leon’s label hasn’t been so bad, either, and working with a producer for the first time (Spoon drummer Jim Eno) has also proved invaluable.

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    “I think we’ve learned a lot from Jim,” Stein said. “He really pushed us, and it was an awesome experience. It was a great help having him there. But right now, we’re just doing the best we can with the four of us. I think we will work with a producer again. We’ll see what happens, but there’s no plan at this point.”

    What there is a plan for, however, is to have all members contribute creatively. Butter is the result of a group effort, and Stein wants that to continue.

    “Every record is going to evolve in some way,” Stein said. “And every one is going to sound different than the last one. But this is the first record that the guys co-wrote on. And you really get to see some of their flavor. It’s important for everyone to be invested. I think it makes for more interesting songs.”

    It’s also what keeps Stein interested. The frontman is every bit as exited about the next release as he is about Butter. The band already has about 12 or 14 songs written and will try to write about 10 or 15 more -- they want a lot to choose from. Stein believes his group is at a crossroads.

    “I think we realize that the next record is going to be our most important,” Stein said. “It will be a pivotal one for us. I think we’ve reached an interesting head space, and it will be nice to see how it evolves. We’re just going to try and make it the best one possible.”

    Just because Turbo Fruits are maturing doesn't mean they'll be taking their feet off the gas pedal anytime soon.

    “We like to party with the crowd,” Stein said. “When we’re on tour, we like to rage. When the show’s over, we’re not the type of band that wants to go back to the hotel and rest. We’ve become pretty damn good at being able to do that and not let it affect our shows. We want everyone to have a good time.”  

    Blogger Scott McDonald covers music in San Diego for a few different publications and is the editor of Eight24.com