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They'll Always Have Paris



    Week 2 wraps up to end our tour with the Bravery with our final residency show at Hoxton Square in London. So much happens in a week's time while on the road. I guess that can be attributed to the constant motion and blur of events that transpire within it. Manchester and Leeds shows wound up an incredible showing of fan support!  A big thanks to all of our beautiful babies who came together for us. We won't forget the parting gift from the Leeds Police, post-show, when Andy was pulled over en route to our headquarters and chastised for running a red light. I think this experience could only be summed up in his words.

    THREAT LEVEL: CODE RED (in Andy's words): For those of you who have ever seen the movie Super Troopers, this truly could have been a scene from it. I have an overachieving officer yelling at me, trying to maybe impress his female partner, I am told that "his city" doesn't tolerate drivers like me and that a night in jail being "rogered by a big black guy" is in my future should I not cooperate, listening out for the "meows" as he's yelling, I'm wondering if this is a joke as I'm being read my rights. Granted, we are talking about a traffic violation that consisted of me running through a light that turned red as I was crossing. The rush-hour traffic and seven-car accident I caused was not my best work! Oh wait, I forgot it was actually 3 a.m. and no one was in sight. I was, however, too busy trying to find directions out of the city and clearly to busy to notice that Starsky and Hutch were right behind me and ready to cuss me out of Leeds.

    The fact that I didn't even argue the red light I believe infuriated this super trooper to the point that he felt the need to show me on a video screen (which by the way is the coolest dashboard video system I have ever seen). Admittedly we looked "well dodgy" on the video, a huge splitter van speeding through the intersection looking like we're on the run, seven sweaty post-show band members eating kebabs, finishing drinks listening to Willie Nelson at full volume. OK, so there was a reason for my lack of attention, but, hey, I ran the light (kind of) and you got me. "Mr Ridley, it's your lucky f---ing day, you have a clean driving record so I'm gonna let you go" -- _cool, thanks, sorry again for that," but not before a blistering northern ear lashing: "No! Listen here, If you want to drive like a f---ing idiot through my town, endangering the lives of people here, you're gonna spend f---ing time in  jail being rogered by a big black man rather than trying to make money with your friends in that band.... Don't drive through here ever again like a f---ing idiot. Get back in the van and get out of here" -- during which I'm staring, just wondering if this was a setup and this is on camera or whether I should laugh or not -- apparently not. Lets put it this way: Leeds is now a safer place without me driving through it, and is certainly a safer place with the 300-pound officer who takes great pride in cussing out me out for fun. Lesson learned and good stories for awhile -- at my expense, obviously!"

    I will quote Andy once more to punctuate: "You, officer, are a tit." Way to shake it, Riddler.

    Go on the Road with Transfer

    [DGO] Go on the Road with Transfer
    The band checks in with video from the British leg of its European tour.
    (Published Saturday, Feb. 12, 2011)

    Topped things off with our last UK show for Club NME @ KoKo in London with Neon Trees:


    I will say that it was the best one of the batch!  The venue is an incredible space, and we were amazed at the support from all our wonderful fans who came through and posted up front and center for the show. Fantastic showing of support.

    SoundChecking With Transfer

    [DGO] SoundChecking With Transfer
    SoundDiego's cameras caught up with Transfer before a recent Casbah show.
    (Published Saturday, Feb. 13, 2010)


    We also got footage of our favorite crazy bastard Scotsman, who has allowed himself to be whisked away by Transfer's music on "a fookin jourrrney!" We sent our tribute to NME the week of our show and they printed it!  Well said, good sir. We shall do our very best to keep the perpetual motion.



    The infamous photog Mr. Rich Cook will be joining us for the European leg of our jourrrrney. Look for some action shots in blogs to come.

    We have been in Paris for the last couple days.  

    Tre bien!  Je suis désolé, je ne parle pas beaucoup Français. Parlez-vous Anglais?

    Stay tuned...