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To Coachella or Not to Coachella?



    It’s the weekend that many of us have been waiting for, three days where we abandon all sense of self by baking in the sun for hours on end, walking endless miles -- day into night -- and drinking whatever we can get our hands on ... within reason. Yes, Coachella is upon us. Between the handy dandy 91X Coachella Survival Guide and the fabulous article that Taylor Doms aka the Mixster put together, we’ll be sufficiently prepared. But remember, there are those that don’t go to this annual trek to the desert -- and many parties to prove it are happening Thursday through Saturday in San Diego. On the flip-side, there are also pre-Coachella events, so take your pick on which you want to support. Heck, play both sides of the fence and partake in all of the above.

    Thursday night, there’s an Industry Coachella Kickoff party at the Ivy Nightclub. Infusion Project artists Vincent Gordon, Janelle Carter, Shay McCulloch and Stefano Romano will be in the Wine Bar as they paint and showcase new artwork. DJs Schugar and Red Alien will lay down the soundtrack for the night, spinning techno and house. Plus, on the rooftop there’s DJ Who with Paulo de Rosa on live guitar, and a live performance by Hyena. Inside the club, join Mr. Dee Jay and Flesch. Lots going on during this event. Over at Voyeur, DJ/producer Jake Stanczak, aka Kill the Noise, will be cranking out electro jams for the masses. Check out a very cool Reason Artist Feature here and find out more about this talented spinster. 

    Friday and Saturday, U-31 in North Park flips the bird to Coachella with their anti-parties. Superstar DJ Keoki is flying in all the way from New York City to spin on Friday night. Gabe Vega will be doing opening honors, and it’s free before 10 p.m. (details via this link). On Saturday, DJs Method and Schoeny will be coming in from San Francisco for another event. DJ L will warm up the crowd at U-31, and again, it’s free before 10 p.m. Get more info here.

    My other picks for Friday and Saturday hot spots are El Dorado and Voyeur, including an appearance Saturday at Voyeur by Steve Duda, most well known for his programming and remixing for Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle and Rob Zombie. You may also know Duda from the electro group BSOD that he formed with Deadmau5 back in 2005. Nowadays, Duda is a sought-after producer in Los Angeles, and it’s amazing how he balances all facets of his life. 

    More details about these and other events happening Thursday through Saturday in San Diego are in my blog. Have a great and safe weekend, and I’ll see you in the desert.

    Robin Roth is a familiar voice in the San Diego scene.  She is on the air weekdays from 10am to 2pm on 91X, plus she promotes and spins all over town.  For more info about upcoming gigs, check out her event blog. Follow Robin on Twitter @robin_roth or submit your DJ listings here.