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It's Official: Dave, Shelley and Chainsaw Are Back



    Ending a seven-month power play in morning radio, local radio favorites Dave, Shelley and Chainsaw will return to the airwaves on Monday, Aug. 2, on 100.7/JACK-FM.

    Until the addition of the successful morning radio program, JACK-FM has been running in automation mode with little human interaction -- i.e., the legendary Jim McGuiness. Taking a stand similar to FM-949's It's About the Music, DSC's new home will be pushing their music-intensive Playing What We Want positioning statement following the four-hour DSC talk show. Here's the press release from JACK-FM:

    "To quote the Blues Brothers, 'We're putting the band back together.'

    The DSC has been on hiatus from the San Diego airwaves since Jan. 4 of this year. For 20 years DSC has been a part of the lives of the people of San Diego. San Diego has cried with them, laughed with them, and made them a part of their morning routine. As of Aug. 2, DSC will be back on the air at 100.7 JACK FM, heard weekdays 6 a.m. to 10 a.m.

    Mike O'Reilly, program director for JACK FM comments: 'Opportunities like this are few and ar between This is a big win for the fans, the show and JACK! The addition of DSC is the X-factor that will catapult the JACK FM listening experience in San Diego to another level entirely.'

    While the DSC will continue to be the show that listeners have passionately grown to love, JACK FM’s mission 'Playing What We Want' will be heard all day.

    With JACK's attitude, playfulness, and quirkiness, DSC is a natural fit for the JACK FM brand.

    'DSC and JACK FM are a match made in radio heaven. We are thrilled to welcome them to the KFMB family of stations (100.7 JACK FM, Talk Radio 760 KFMB and Channel 8 TV),' says Gina Landau, the vice president/general manager of KFMB Radio.

    DSC being taken off the air a few months before their 20th anniversary has not gone unnoticed by their loyal fans. Many of them have taken to social media to 'Bring Back Dave, Shelly, and Chainsaw,' and staged rallies to get them back on the air.

    'DSC being a top-rated morning show in the San Diego market for 20 years has led to a very passionate and loyal listenership. We are very excited to have them at JACK FM,' said Ed Trimble, president of KFMB stations."

    Important to note: Oher show members Chris Boyer, Ruth66 and producer Emily will be returning as well.

    Congratulations to the team.

    Your radio friend,