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Switchfoot Takes It Out to the Ballpark



    Anytime San Diego's Switchfoot comes through, it feels like something of a homecoming. Oftentimes, our biggest local artists leave their roots, but Switchfoot has remained a local staple. And what could be more loyal than performing right after the Padres game on Sunday?  

    The return of Jon Foreman & Co. comes just ahead of the release of their new record, Vice Verses, which is due out Sept 27;  with only the release of the single "Dark Horses" so far, it seems we can expect nothing less than epic rock anthems, a la "We Were Meant to Live."


    This is the band's eighth studio album; it's last release was Hello Hurricane, which solidified Switchfoot as Grammy winners, anticipation runs high for what the band believes are some of the best 12 tracks it has ever released. 


    Switchfoot have waded through the ambiguity of being called a "Christian band" since their beginning, and this record continues to place them in that category. With new tracks like "Afterlife," a song that rejects the notion of waiting for heaven for the option to "come alive" today, the record is ripe with metaphors and symbolism, wrapped in catchy pop hooks and heavy guitar riffs. Still, they're the only Christian band I can think of that can be compared to the likes of aggressive rock peers like the Foo Fighters. 


    This time around, the band has experimented with new sounds, with hip-hop beats pulsating throughout  "The War Inside" and "Blinding Lights." Yet what emerges more than anything is a newfound earnestness, as Foreman wrestles openly with injustice, pain and apathy, at one point singing, "Everything feels rusted over/Tell me You're there." The result is a thorough collection of existential rock songs. Their performance is a perfect ending to any Padres games and will have you pumping your fists in the air, whatever the final score. Grab your tickets here.


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