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Stuntdouble's Take on the Tank



    Stuntdouble and Tenshun will celebrate the release of their new record this Friday.

    Titled The Ballad of Shawn T. Nelson, the project is named after the U.S. Army vet who, in 1995, infamously stole an M-60 Patton tank and went on a joyride across San Diego. Nelson left cars, fire hydrants, light poles and more destroyed in his path before the concrete freeway divider -- and a fatal gunshot -- stopped him in his tracks. I haven't heard the record yet, but the story seems to fit right in with producer Tenshun's taste for sonic destruction and rapper Stuntdouble's off-kilter humor. I wouldn't be surprised if the other three tracks of the 7-inch EP follow suit.

    Edgar Israel of the San Diego Music Award-nominated Circle Empire will perform as well. Also slated to perform are ZeohDeeh, Unit, and Nikki and the Mongoloid. The record release party takes place at Sk8 Box in Normal Heights, which turns out to be an ideal venue for small shows. The store is extremely small and has no actual stage to speak of, creating a very intimate setting where you can scream along with the hook to whatever song with whoever's performing. It kinda feels less like a show and more like a big cipher (or, uh, "rap circle" if you're slangily challenged). Details below:

    Sk8 Box
    3215 Adams Ave.
    $3 | All ages
    Doors at 9 p.m.

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