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Still Not 'Through Being Cool'



    A co-headlining show featuring Saves the Day and Bayside is something of a high school dream for many of us, who most likely graduated from the class of late '90s/early 2000's emo and post-punk era. These two bands were generation-defining, unlikely heros who wore their hearts on their sleeves, which were also appropriately fully tattooed. Saves the Day's breakout record, Through Being Cool ('99), was iconic and touted by Alternative Press as "one of the most influential pop-punk albums of the decade."

    In fact, it was so influential that some diehard fans reject any new material beyond Saves the Day's first few albums. With such adolescent lyricism as, "I woke up to my cold sheets and the smell of New Jersey/... my ribs have parted ways/Said 'we're not going to protect this heart you have.' " Saves the Day will forever be associated with emo culture. Their latest release, Daybreak, follows the same emo narratives, although it's a little less angst driven but still emotionally lush, with more experimentation with jazz tones, melodic guitar. It's definitely a sign of growth, but after 15 years, it's obvious that even in adulthood you never quite shake the teenage melodrama. 


    Saves the Day are supported by fellow emo legends Bayside, who have made a career out of stretching out an era farther than many others can go. Their rock peers of their day have all but since broken up or quit, and likely now have day jobs, but Bayside have maintained a loyal following that is often referred to as a "cult", sporting merchandise that reads, "Bayside Is a Cult." They've always been known for their dark self-examination, pealing apart layers of despair and hoping for resolve or, at the very least, acceptance. Driven largely by frontman Anthony Raneri's uniquely aggressive and hearty vocals, the songs play out like anthems of youth. 

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    The combined forces of both bands united as one great big nostalgic force is too much for any fan or former fan to pass up. So, after SoundDiego LIVE on Thursday, indulge your adolescent self with them along with I Am Avalanche and Transit at House of Blues on Oct. 27. 

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