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Springtime Fever

Springtime Carnivore is set to usher in a new wave of obsession in SD on Feb. 14



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    Photo by Eddie O'Keefe
    Springtime Carnivore performs at the Casbah on Saturday, Feb. 14.

    It took all of about five seconds upon hearing Springtime Carnivore's "Collectors" to get hit with that sinking feeling.

    You know, the one where you find yourself putting an artist on endless repeat, purchasing entire catalogs (even the imports, remember those?) and incessantly raving about it on Facebook like you just witnessed the best thing since Left Shark. You get unfriended; your checking account gets hit with overdraft fees; those trusty headphones crap out. I’ve been there before. It’s the best and worst of times.

    While that all paints a pretty despondent picture, it’s actually a good thing -- a glorious obsession of sorts. And luckily for me, it wasn’t so bad ‘cause Springtime Carnivore (Greta Morgan's nom de plume) only has one album to wear out. That keeps those dangerous late-night Amazon shopping sprees to a minimum. And makes attendance at her Feb. 14 Casbah show an utter requirement (coincidentally, it's also a rather perfect Valentine's Day activity too).

    Mainly because her 14-track debut is simply otherworldly: Songs like "Two Scars," "Creature Feature," "Name on a Matchbook" and -- hell, all of ‘em -- are splendid, sepia-toned exercises in uber-melodic, haunting, retro pop. Think Dusty Springfield fronting Beach House while tackling the Supremes' catalog in the middle of a meadow at twilight; sunset hues peeking through golden grass; fireflies electrifying the crisp air. It’s a gorgeous concept, right? Well, welcome to "Collectors," where that dream has been brought to life.

    Maybe the sonic landscape you hear in your head is different than mine but the point remains: The record has a transformative quality. As much as it deserves undivided attention, it also serves as transportation to a different place and time with the caveat that wherever you go -- and whoever you end up there with -- is almost always better than where you’re currently at. Such is the magic of brilliant music.

    So go ahead, listen to "Collectors" [here] and get ready to break out the debit card. You can thank -- and curse -- me later.

    Springtime Carnivore and the Dodos play the Casbah on Saturday, Feb. 14. Doors open at 8:30 p.m., tickets are $15 and they are available here.

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