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Sounds Like San Diego: Jan. 26



    Rob Crow is set to make his second of three appearances at the Casbah tonight with yet another side project called Mission:Valley. Mostly known by mainstream music fans for his work with Pinback, San Diego music loyalists know Crow for his other myriad of projects like Heavy Vegetable and Goblin C**k. He also appeared this month with Creedle and will be back on Wednesday with Optiganally Yours, but after their debut at Soda Bar on Nov. 29, the evidence is in Mission: Valley is not to be missed.

    Tuesday, Jan. 26:

    • Terrible Tuesdays: Mission:Valley, Dead Ghosts, Gravatorium, DJ Gabe Serbian @ the Casbah
    • The Canton Mudders, the Jasper Dickson Revue @ Soda Bar
    • Parachute, Safetysuit @ Price Center Ballroom East @ UCSD
    • Anthology House Band @ Anthology
    • Brawley, Adeian Demain @ Riviera Supper Club
    • Maryanne McSweeney, Claire Daly @ Dizzy's (San Diego Wine & Culinary Center)
    • 52nd Street @ Humphrey's Backstage Live
    • Hey! Ho! Lets Go!, Punch Card Drunk @ Winston's
    • The Stilettos @ Henry's Pub
    • Jaimie Muehlhausen @ Hensley's Flying Elephant
    • Doug Allen @ The Kraken
    • The Burnsville Band @ Patrick's ll
    • Jim Moore @ McP's Irish Pub
    • Joe Marson @ Tiki House
    • Lindsay White, The Bigfellas @ Bare Back Grill
    • Soul Ablaze @ RT's Longboard Bar & Grill

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