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Sounds Like San Diego: December 15



    One, two, three. Look straight down these listings and you have some great music options for Saturday night. I don't know if you've ever seen the amazing graphics of Lurkville Skateboards, but they're a big part of San Diego's art, music and skate scene, and on Saturday you can celebrate their 2nd anniversary with King Tuff, the Kabbs, and Chango Rey at the Til Two. Over at Soda Bar, Trans Am is definitely worth checking out, but you might want to buy advance tickets because this one seems to be the talk of the town. Last but not least, the Growlers perform again at the Casbah, and if you were there onf Friday for the sold-out show, you know this is definitely a party unlike any other and is certainly going to be just as awesome for a second night in a row. Of course, there are tons of other shows to catch, so look on down the line and find the one that suits your tastes and style, and just go for it.

    Saturday, Dec.15:

    • Lurkeville Skateboards 2 Year Anniversary party, featuring King Tuff, the Kabbs, Chango Rey @ Til Two Club
    • Trans Am, High Places, Man Forever, Life Coach @ Soda Bar
    • The Growlers, Tomorrow’s Tulips, Wild Wild Wets @ Casbah
    • Back 2 Black (AC/DC tribute), with Trailerpark Rockstar @ 710 Beach Club
    • Buffalo Picnic, East of Sweden, Jack’s Last Bullet @ Eleven (9 p.m.)
    • Neon Beat, the Best and Worst of the '80s, with Junior & Vaughn @ Bar Pink
    • Deathriders/Sinner’s Rage/Local Reign/Planet Shred @ Brick By Brick
    • Sociopathetic, Impulse, Suspect, Nerve Control @ Ché Café
    • Diego’s Umbrella, So Long Davey, Tower 4 @ Griffin
    • SSSnake, Hobotorch @ The Tower Bar
    • Peter Sprague & Irving Flores @ Dizzy’s
    • DJ Adam Salter @ El Dorado Bar
    • Interrobang, Casy and Brian (SF), Rebuilder @ Eleven (5 p.m.)
    • Dan Curcio, Moonshiner, DJ Chelu @ Gallagher’s Pub
    • Sister Speak @ Humphrey’s Backstage Live (5 p.m.)
    • PopRx @ Humphrey’s Backstage (9 p.m.)
    • Allison Lonsdale, Chris Wilson, Jeff Campbell, Kevin Martin @ Lestat’s
    • John Foltz @ Marble Room
    • SD Union presents Slogun & IOH, Austin Speed, Rebellion, the Peacemaker, Kombat, DJ Evlo, Ridda, CSD, Subliminal @ Ruby Room
    • Undead Garden, Soundbored, A Truth Betrayed, Aim to Kill, Cut Your Losses @ Soma
    • Dead Animal Mod, Stupid Man Suit (LA), Vaginals, Penis Hickey @ The Tin Can
    • Rising Star @ Tio Leo’s
    • Borgore @ Voyeur
    • DJs Gabe Vega and Saul @ Whistle Stop
    • The Wick Hauser Band @ Winston’s (6 p.m.)
    • RealEyes: A night of electro DJs, with Kaminanda, Divinity, MK Ultra, Healing Mystical and Science Collective @ Winston’s (9 p.m.)

    Rosemary Bystrak writes about the San Diego music scene, events and general musings about life in San Diego on San Diego: Dialed In. Follow her updates on Twitter or contact her directly.

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