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SoundDiego LIVE's Not Gonna Let You Go



    You know that sound of boots crossing a sandy barroom floor? How your lungs shrink when you see that blond? How a shock feels good before it hurts?

    Welcome to SoundDiego LIVE XVI.


    SoundDiego Spotlight: Grand Tarantula

    [DGO] SoundDiego Spotlight: Grand Tarantula
    The frontman of Grand Tarantula -- at the Casbah Friday -- looks back fondly at the "stupid stuff" he and the band did back in the day.
    (Published Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2011)

    That's electricity in the air: For our next monthly hit-and-run bash, we booked the musical gunslingers of Grand Tarantula and the one-man-band single-vehicle crash known as Low Volts.

    SoundDiego LIVE on Dec. 1 at Bootlegger will be a whiskey-soaked wonderland, a party with big-boy pants and a bar tab big enough to make your head hurt.

    SD Spotlight: Low Volts

    [DGO] SD Spotlight: Low Volts
    Tim Lowman talks about the one-man band everybody's talking about.
    (Published Wednesday, June 8, 2011)

    The next day, blame it all on this month's host, DJ Robin Roth of 91X, who cooked up the whole damn thing while she was sipping a cocktail of her own.

    "When I was asked to put together the lineup for the 16th installment of SoundDiego LIVE, the first names that entered my mind were Grand Tarantula and Low Volts," Roth said. "Not only do they go well together like peanut butter and jelly, but they are two of my favorite San Diego bands. Really, what’s not to love about Low Volts, the one-man band that makes bluesy, ballsy, gritty, sexy music? And Grand Tarantula, a group of guys that I fell in love with 10 years ago when they were Hot Like a Robot? After reinventing themselves many times over, here we are."

    Thank the folks down at Bootlegger, too. The hot-hotter-hottest East Village bar/speakeasy/gastropub/watering hole is bankrolling free food during out hosted happy hour, and we're pleased to announce that we'll have a couple of kegs from San Diego's own Mission Brewery to help get things going, too.

    As for the entertainment portion of our evening: Low Volts -- aka Tim Lowman, who not too long ago left the San Diego Music Awards with an armful of awards, including one for Best New Artist -- may or may not bring his backup-singing High Watts with him, but what he's sure to bring is enough beats and slides to make your back hurt and your wife blush. Take a look at a video profile we shot earlier this year.

    Grand Tarantula's Jordan Clark was caught in the glare of our video spotlight not too long after Lowman, sharing tales from the road, including a yarn about one of the boys in the band getting hauled away by the police "Utah-style." San Diego's favorite new pop punks just want to make you dance fast and not have  you worry about writing a book report on their show.

    Kicking things off will be this month's Garage to Glory winner. More on that later.

    SoundDiego LIVE XIV: Sign up here for the guest list -- and take two Red Bulls in the morning.