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Shaun White Does Something ‘Bad’

Olympic gold medalist and San Diego native Shaun White adds "musician" to his resume.



    Shaun White isn’t done with skateboarding and snowboarding just yet, but that hasn’t stopped the local athlete and entrepreneur from adding another job title to his contingency plan: Now, lead guitarist will have to be listed right next to video-game mogul, clothing designer and media spokesman.

    Warner Bros. Records announced on Tuesday that the Olympic gold medalist's band, Bad Things, has signed to the label. After being formed by the San Diego Native with longtime friends/fellow North County residents Anthony Sanudo (guitar) and Lena Zawaideh (drums), singer Davis LeDuke and bassist Jared Palomar were recently brought in to round things out.

    The quintet is currently working on its debut album with producer Rob Schnapf (Beck, Elliot Smith). Bad Things will embark on a 12-date inaugural tour during July and August; a single track, "Caught Inside," is streaming on SoundCloud.

    While no West Coast dates were announced, it’s hard to imagine White not wanting to include a hometown play. But with the 2014 Sochi Olympics and X-Games so close to the end of their tour, Bad Things may have to be put on ice for the winter.

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