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    Shadow Play
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    Twin Shadow will perform two nights at the Casbah on August 22 and 23

    The infectious nature of synth pop is a lot like a sugar rush. Upon consumption, the delicious synth lines and infectious beats that are characteristic of the genre create a rush of frenetic excitement. The body receives a signal that sends an impulse to the arms and legs to move. Dancing ensues.

    Twin Shadow, the moniker of Dominican-born George Lewis Jr., is a master of the genre. A blend of pop and R&B paired with synth lines that evoke the day-glow-painted landscape of the 1980s, Twin Shadow creates a unique sound that simultaneously pays homage to its throwback New Wave roots.  

    Twin Shadow will take up residency in San Diego for a highly anticipated two-night stint at the Casbah on Aug. 22-23. The announcement of the Aug. 22 appearance was met with such demand that the second date was added.

    The synth-pop-tinged R&B artist was discovered in 2009 by Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor. Taylor was so taken with Lewis' efforts that he released the artist's 2010 debut, Forget, on his own imprint, Terrible Records. After creating momentum with his revivalist sound all over the blogosphere, Twin Shadow was snatched up by indie giant 4AD Records, where he released his sophomore effort, Confess, in June. 

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    Underneath the candy-coated deliciousness of the hooks and melodies is where Twin Shadow’s complexity comes to life. The lyrical content of Confess provides a text for the existentialism of twentysomething life. Lewis derived his lyrical inspiration from the many milestones that lay the groundwork for the self-determinant nature of one’s late 20s and the volatile nature of life at that age. Sometimes heart-wrenching and always inspired, Lewis’ prowess with a pen and a microphone alike make for an especially substantial experience you can still dance around to. 

    Twin Shadow will share the stage with LA “daytime disco” duo Poolside. Both shows will most likely sell out, so it would be wise to act now.