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Best SD Bands Ever?

SoundDiego rounds up San Diego's cream of the crop



    Some may say San Diego has never received much credit for its music exports. In recent years, the vast amount of artists flocking to New York and Los Angeles certainly stacks the odds in favor of successful artists emerging from those locations, but that hasn’t stopped Mexico’s next-door neighbor from producing some of the most unforgettable artists in the last several decades.

    From psychedelic forefathers Iron Butterfly to furious cult figures Rocket From the Crypt to pop-punk superstars Blink 182 to indie-rock traditionalists Pinback, San Diego has pulled talents from an alarmingly diverse pool of influences. Here is SoundDiego’s quick list of nine of the most recognizable bands with San Diego connections (in alphabetical order).

    • Blink 182
    • Eddie Vedder
    • Iron Butterfly
    • Jewel
    • Pinback
    • P.O.D.
    • Rocket from the Crypt
    • Switchfoot
    • Tom Waits
    Don’t get too upset if you think we left someone out. Give us your opinion on what the best bands from San Diego are -- or tell us who we missed -- on our Facebook or Twitter