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STP Releases New Single on Twitter



    Following a recent appearance at South by Southwest, Stone Temple Pilots -- reunited in 2008 -- return with their first single since 2001's "Shangri-La Dee Da."

    The world premiere of "Between the Lines," a solid pop-alt track from the band's forthcoming self-titled release (due May 25), is available in the twitterverse. Simply, "tweet to listen" to the new grunge-infused single, which is standard STP (complete with  catchy hooks, strong guitar solo and a 2:50 running time). With lyrics such as "you always were my favorite drug/even when we used to take drugs," "Between the Lines" is obviously a song about former Coronado resident Scott Weiland, a recovering addict.

    After listening to the track for the first time, I found myself longing for Weiland's gruff vocal stylings of yesteryear, but after 20 years of public feuds, drug abuse and run-ins with the law, it's a healthy return for the singer. Musically, bandmates Dean and Robert DeLeo (guitar and bass, respectively) and drummer Eric Kretz move through "Between the Lines" with ease, proving they are the veritable backbone of Stone Temple Pilots. What do you think of the new track ?

    Stone Temple Pilots tracklisting:
    "Between the Lines"
    "Take a Load Off"
    "Huckleberry Crumble"
    "Hickory Dichotomy"
    "Dare If You Dare"
    "Hazy Daze"
    "Fast As I Can"
    "First Kiss on Mars"