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    Ian Fraser Kilmister, or Lemmy, is best known as the founder/leader of the seminal rock band Motörhead. With his signature mutton chops, fierce growl and gigantic mole, Lemmy (64) is a rock & roll deity, inspiring the likes of Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Ozzy Osbourne and Metallica. In addition to his 30-year career with Motörhead, Lemmy has his hand in a variety of projects, including the Head Cat, performing Thursday night at the Belly Up Tavern. One part Lemmy, one part Slim Jim Phantom from the Stray Cats and one part Danny B. Harvey of the Rockats, the three-headed beast formed in 2000 around the recording of an Elvis Presley tribute record.

    We had the great honor of catching up with Lemmy (on the phone from his flat in Los Angeles) to talk about the Head Cat, new music and how many of his nine lives he has left:

    Tell us about the Head Cat.

    We made our first album about 10 years ago, and we just made our second one with Slim Jim and Danny.

    You're playing the Belly Up Tavern tonight. What's it like touring for you these days?

    The novelty has worn off. It's not new and exciting, but it's new and exciting in other ways, because I still love rock & roll.

    SoundDiego: Are there any new acts that catch your attention today?

    Lemmy: There's a band that just re-formed -- not new, but they're new to America -- called Skunk Anansie. They're probably one of the best bands I've ever heard.

    SoundDiego: And American bands?

    Lemmy:The Sex Slaves are really good, out of L.A., and the Chelsea Girls, with Corey Parks from Nashville P----, and Allison Robertson from the Donnas.

    SoundDiego: When you look at bands like the Chelsea Girls and what you're doing with Head Cat, which are collaborative efforts, do you think that's indicative of the times we live in today, meaning "collaborative"?

    Lemmy:  No, we're just doing it for fun; we don't give a f--- about what's indicative of today. I don't give a s--- about what's in fashion. If it's fun, why not do it?

    SoundDiego: Outside of music, what else do you find fun?

    Lemmy: Chasing women, that's what I enjoy.

    SoundDiego: But you're Lemmy, don't you have women throwing themselves at you?

    Lemmy: No, that's over. I have to throw myself at them more now [laughs].

    SoundDiego: Why should people check out the Head Cat tonight at the Belly Up?

    Lemmy: You should definitely go 'cause I'm not getting any younger and neither are the other two, and you might never see it again. I may explode onstage or something.