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Report: Rep. Scott Peters Loves Beyonce

Take a look inside Rep. Scott Peters office, which is full of San Diego and Beyonce swag



    Report: Rep. Scott Peters Loves Beyonce
    Courtesy of Roll Call
    Below, Rep. Scott Peters takes viewers inside his office in an "Office Space" video from Roll Call.

    If there's one thing a lot of people agree on in these ultra-partisan times, it's that Beyonce is queen -- even, apparently, if you're a white, middle-aged male congressman repping much of San Diego County (the 52nd district, to be exact) in the House of Representatives. 

    In a Roll Call "Office Space" video posted by Juliette Rocheleau on July 25, viewers got to see what the inside of Rep. Scott Peters' office actually looks like, and it's enough to make any San Diegan proud.

    Aside from his office being fully stocked with Bird Rock Coffee Roasters and Ballast Point IPAs, his walls are decked out with pictures of San Diego landscapes, UCSD surfboards, local college banners and ... Beyonce swag?

    Yup, Rep. Scott Peters loves Beyonce, and every birthday he's gifted something new, from Beyonce movie posters to framed "Liberte, Egalite, Beyonce" lettering to a nameplate that asks, "What would Beyonce do?"

    She'd vote for Rep. Scott Peters if she lived in San Diego, I guess.

    Watch below.

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