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Ready for a Four Day Weekend?



    Sezio's second annual Four Day Weekend has finally arrived, making us wish we all had four days off to take it in. Last year saw the success of the festival's debut, featuring headliners the Dodos, Dominant Legs and Avi Buffalo, and some love from one of the most coveted music and culture tastemakers, including Pitchfork, putting San Diego on the map as a burgeoning hub of independent music.

    Everyone who participated got the feeling they were a part of something special. Sezio transformed the downtown art gallery Sushi Art into a fort-like wonderland, with a vast plumage of secondhand sheets and blankets canopying the walls. The scene was spectacular and provided perfect ambience for the music that played throughout the night. 

    This year, Sezio has outdone itself, with an unbelievable lineup that features the likes of Real Estate, Peter Wolf Crier,Birds and Batteries, Lord Huron and Oregon Bike Trails, not to mention local fixtures Writer, Chairs Missing, Dirty Gold, Little Deadman and others. It's a mark of growth for the organization, which has cultivated a strong spirit of DIY and community in San Diego since its beginning. Beyond celebrating local culture, it has managed to attract national acts and, with that, widespread attention on the people and creativity that exist in San Diego.

    Now that we've got a four day weekend on our minds, SoundDiego asked some of the artists performing at the fest to describe what they would do if they had a four day weekend. Sleep was a popular choice. 

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    Andy Ralph (Writer): Batting cages Soundbath in Joshua Tree. Sleep. Read. Yoga. Walk. Coffee. Cuddle. Pet an animal. Pillow fight. Shower. Draw. Stare. Batting cages Soundbath in Joshua Tree.

    Peter Pisano (Peter Wolf Crier): If I had four days -- four days of my own -- I would spend them alone. Maybe then, by the week's start, I would be ready, again, to share myself more freely with those I love. 

    Mike Sempert (Birds and Batteries): I would grab a bunch of my friends and my girlfriend and go to Yosemite. 

    Paul Remund (Chairs Missing): If I had a four day weekend, I'd like to check into a motel in town, sleep and watch TV.

    Lincoln Ballif (Dirty Gold): We'd host a four-day snack festival & music at the beach. Imagine listening to your favorite new band while munching on gummy sharks and pretzels ... perfection.

    The festival runs from Thursday through Sunday, so get your tickets while they're still available. For only $30, you can get an all-access pass for all four days of the festival. You can also purchase tickets for specific nights.

    Nada Alic runs the San Diego-based music blog Friends With Both Arms. Follow her updates on Twitter or contact her directly.