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R.I.P Justin Jay



    Justin Jay, a much-loved mainstay of the local music scene, was found dead in his apartment over the weekend --Ed.

    I'm not ready to write this.... Justin Jay has passed away.... I still don't know what to say and as the sun begins to rise I feel completely numb.

    You probably know Justin. His epic drumming in bands like Hialeah and Boyscout showed his talent, and seeing his face at the Casbah on any given night of the week after he'd get off work, belly up to the bar ordering his tall double sapphire and whatever was always a pleasure.

    There are so many amazing things to say about Justin, but I just really feel like nothing I could write will do justice to someone so loved and so loving. The world will be a whole lot dimmer without Justin around. Sadly, a cause of death is unknown at this time. Apparently, he had been complaining about a sharp headache on Wednesday and that was the last anyone heard from him. After a few days (it wasn't uncommon to not hear from him), concerned friends forced entry to his apartment where they found him.

    There is no doubt that the Black Box and San Diego music community will honor Justin's life and I will post details of services as they become available.... I created a page for Justin at 1000Memories if anyone would like to contribute and share.

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