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Pyles' Picks for 2013, Take II

This time, FM 94/9's Tim Pyles picks the Top 13 albums of the years by artists with local ties.



    This list is comprised of the Top 13 releases of 2013 from artists with local ties -- maybe the band started here, maybe they used to be in other local bands from here, or maybe they happen to live here.

    Or maybe this list is just because I wanted to make room for some other bands in an addendum to my previous list

    Anyway, these are bands that don't contribute to the daily scene, but in some way make it better by being from here. The list below is pretty epic; I doubt it can be topped next year. Also, the list is in no particular order:

    Earthless, From The Ages:
    Based in SD but one member now lives in the Bay Area. Isaiah Mitchell, Mike Eginton and Mario Rubalcaba are known internationally for their epic shows.
    Crocodiles, Crimes of Passion: Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell were both in the legendary local band the Plot to Blow up the Eiffel Tower.
    Cults, Static: For one thing, their drummer is Cory Stier, who books the Soda Bar and also plays with Mrs. Magician. The band is based in NYC, but Ryan Mattos and Madeline Follin created the band here.
    The Bronx, The Bronx (IV): Guitarist Ken Horne played with the Dragons, who are reuniting in January for a Casbah 25th Anniversary show.
    Obits, Bed & Bugs:Based in NYC but fronted by SD music legend Rick Froberg, who was in Pitchfork, Drive Like Jehu and also plays with Hot Snakes.
    Guards, In Guards We Trust:Richie James Follin also played in Cults with his sister, both of whom are from SD.
    Wavves, Afraid of Heights: Nathan Williams created the band at his parents' house in Point Loma, though Wavves are now based in L.A.
    Megadeth, Super Collider: Dave Mustaine lives in Fallbrook.
    Dethklok, Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem: Drummer Gene Hoglan and guitarist Mike Keneally both live in SD.
    Deap Vally, Sistrionix: Lindsay Troy used to play in the local band the Troys.
    El Vez, God Save the King: 25 Years of El Vez: El Vez was in the Zeros, who were from Chula Vista. He recently recruited Schitzophonics to be his backing band.
    Western Scene, s/t EP: Tom Pritchard is the former frontman of Dynamite Walls, who you hear open the SoundDiego TV show every week.
    Vicky Cryer, The Synthetic Love of Emotional Engineering: A studio project of Jason Hill of Louis XIV, with members of Muse and the Killers contributing.

    So, see what SD has spawned in many ways? Obviously, I doubt we have much to do with Dave Mustaine, he just happens to live in the county. Others on this list were influenced and influential on the scene, so if you haven't heard of them, they are worth checking out.  What other local connections can you make?

    Tim Pyles, a longtime local who grew up in La Jolla, is the unofficial mayor of local music who hosts The Local 94/9 via FM94/9 every Sunday from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. He also books local acts at the Casbah, hosts the weekly Anti-Monday League, books/hosts the monthly Maryjane's Underground at the House Of Blues and is an entertainment writer for Pacific San Diego Magazine. Check out his website and and follow him on Twitter @thelocalpyle. You can reach him directly here